In 2016, the global official sector’s net purchases fell sharply by 35%, reaching the lowest point in 6 years. Russia was the two countries with the largest purchases in official purchases in recent years. However, the decline in official purchases in 2016 was Precious metal coinswhat prompted the year’s The main reason for the sharp decline in this area.

Platinum, which has always been nearly twice as expensive as gold, is cheaper this year. According to the spot price of the Gold Exchange, the price of gold and platinum has been inverted for more than two months. Platinum is cheaper than gold. Should it be a bargain-hunting? Investment experts said that the platinum investment market is still immature, and it is necessary to be cautious when buying bottoms.

The silver futures price for delivery in December fell 1.012 US dollars that day to close at 30.993 US dollars per ounce, a decrease of 3.2%. The price of platinum futures for delivery in January fell 14.8 US dollars an ounce to close at 1493.3 US dollars, a decrease of 1%.

This trading day will announce the changes in Australia's 7 employment population, Australia's July seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, July industrial producer price index, July consumer price index, Japan July household consumer confidence index, July total retail sales of consumer goods , Italy's June trade account with the European Union, Italy's June trade account after the seasonal adjustment, the UK's June merchandise trade account, Canada's June trade account, Canada's June new home price index, the United States' June trade account, the United States' seasonal adjustment last week The number of initial claims for unemployment benefits. The Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Meeting will announce the interest rate decision, and the Governor of the Bank of Japan Fangaki Shirakawa will hold a press conference. The European Central Bank will publish its monthly bulletin.

Pawlicki said that in the first two trading days of this week, the US-listed gold ETF holdings decreased by 445,067 ounces, while at the same time, silver EF holdings increased by 6.47 million ounces. He said that if gold ETF holdings continue to decline, it indicates that the price of gold will fall further.

Affected by the unexpected increase in crude oil inventories in the United States last week and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s increase in gasoline futures margins, international crude oil futures pricPrecious metal coinses in the New York market plunged by 5.5% on Wednesday, and precious metals also ended their three-day rebound: international spot gold hit a maximum of 1526.30 USD/ounce, the lowest dropped to 1495.70 USD/ounce, and closed at 1504.10 USD/ounce, a single-day drop of 0.86%; yesterday, the gold exchange Au9995,

Benefiting from the rise in grain and crude oil prices, the lingering shadow of the Eurozone debt crisis, and the decline in the U.S. dollar, the international spot gold price ended its three-day decline on Wednesday, approaching $1,500 per ounce again, and continued to stabilize at 1494.86 on Thursday. Near the US dollar/ounce, but still below the 30-day moving average. On the domestic front, Au9995, Au9999, and Au100g contracts on the Gold Exchange rose by 0.1%, 0.1% and 0.5% respectively yesterday, and Au (T+D) closed flat yesterday. Analysts said that the current gold price direction is uncertain, and the market outlook depends largely on the performance

Investment in precious metals has become a boom. The Gold Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the Gold Exchange) yesterday issued the revised "Gold Exchange Risk Control Management Measures", which adjusted the minimum margin ratio for silver T+D contracts to 12%. This revised rule will be implemented on December 28.