Buffett Gold is a chicken that can't lay eggs is not without extreme views. He began to buy a large amount of silver in the second half of the 1990s, and hArizona Precious Metals Corporationis position once reached two-thirds of the silver long position in the entire US capital market. Silver is not the same as gold, is it a chicken that does not lay eggs? When Berkshire Hathaway’s stock price plummeted in the Wall Street stock market crash in 2008, it was precisely because of the purchase of such a huge amount of silver that the stock gods turned the situation around with the silver bull market.

Bernanke may suggest that if the economy continues to deteriorate, further stimulus will be taken. PuYonghao, chief investment strategist at UBS, believes that the market has been worried about the second bottom of the global economy. In this context, gold is similar to a reliable insurance.

Regarding the characteristics of the gold market in the first half of the year, a senior industry insider pointed out that gold itself and gold stocks diverged in the first half of the year, which has never happened in the past few years. This has caused speculation by market analysts. Some people believe that gold itself has risen too fast, and the future growth will not be sustainable, and gold stocks have more room to rise.

Stimulated by excess liquidity and demand for hedging, gold prices will continue to be supported. Everbright Securities pointed out. CICC's recent report also judged that in the medium term, the European debt crisis and emerging market inflation concerns may also regain market attention, so the rising trend of gold prices will continue.

The Standard & Poor's-Case Schiller U.S. Housing Price Report released on the 24th showed that the housing price index of the twenty largest U.S. cities fell by 0.8% month-on-month in February, and the year-on-year decline expanded to 3.5%. The index also hit a record since October 2002. The lowest level indicates that US real estate is still weak. At the same time, the Consumer Confidence Index of the American Association of Large Businesses also fell to 69.2 in April from 69.5 in March.

World Gold Council Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aram Shishmanian said on January 31 that in the current economic situation, gold plays a key role in protecting wealth, supporting future growth and reducing risks. He also predicted that the global central bank gold purcArizona Precious Metals Corporationhase momentum that began in 2009 will continue.

The basis for our advice to customers on whether they are suitable for long-term investment is whether they can buy the varieties that customers want for long-term investment at a relatively cheap price. As a commodity, if the market price has approached the cost zone, the timing of the corresponding allocation is also more appropriate. The relevant person in charge of the retail banking department of China Merchants Bank told reporters.