Kava, a cross chain defi protocol, will be launched on gateway11k test network at 22:00 p.m. on October 12. The version test network is an exact replica of the main network. Kava verifiers will run and test their product settings at 22:00 on October 15 to ensure that the main World precious metals marketnetwork starts smoothly.

Users can obtain stable currency loans by mortgaging HBTC with reference to the dynamic interest rate of about 6% annually. Dforce said that its lending market is the first defi protocol to support multi asset multi-directional lending in the world. Currently, the stable currencies supported include usdt and USDX, and will be connected to more mainstream stable currencies including usdc, Pax, tusd and Dai in the near future. Meanwhile, dforce's upcoming s-swap (tentative name) with stable currency as reserve will also support HBTC trading.

Synthetix exposes a smart contract vulnerability discovered by independent security researcher Sam sun, and synhetix indicates that the user's assets have not been lost. The problem comes from the Ethernet mortgage contract that has been deployed to the main network. However, the contract will not be activated until the end of the three-month trial period. There are still two months left. While the audit of the mortgage upgrade was performed by sigma prime, there was a misunderstanding of the intent of the liquidation process, synthetix said. Synthetix has launched the vulnerability reward program since the beginning of 2019. After the incident, it said that it would update the details of the scheme and provide four grades of rewards, namely, 100ssusd, 500susd, 1000susd and 5000susd.

Light wallet metamask metamask browser plug-in wallet, no need to download and install the client, easy to use. It was initially hatched by consensys. Metamaskmetamaskmastekala views more than 1 million monthly active users, an increase of more than 400% compared with December 2019. Among them, the top four mobile users are the United States, India, Nigeria and the Philippines. Metamask said that the recently launched metamask mobile application has played an important role in the introduction of new users. In addition, in the past 12 months, the adoption of Dao and Web3 Games has increased significantly, as well as the rapid adoption of defi products and services by consumers, which has further accelerated user growth.

By accessing Oracle machine, it can provide ten times lower sliding point than uniswap. In addition, Dodo's features include providing only a single asset as a liquidity provider to avoid volatile loss and position risk, and supporting initial asset issuance and flash swap. Dodo's founding team includes defilabs daishichao, cryptocurrency serial entrepreneur Wang Qi, and smart contract and market making senior developer Lei Mingda. In order to find out the core of the development of the open farm business, it is very important for the development of the open farm business The participants of the new scheme are not from some farming phenomena. Therefore, in the past, the farming boom may still be reduced to a normal level. At this time, there should be a fairer evaluation of farming. Open Finance Conference (OFC) is an activity jointly sponsored by Lianwen and winkrypto, minhu, MyKey and d1ventures. The conference focuses on open financial innovation projects such as DFI, stable currency, smart wallet, derivatives and Oracle.

Bondedfinance, an intelligent tool and financial product focusing on digital asset algorithm, will publicly sell 130 million bonds (accounting for 13% of the total token supply) on November 15. The total supply of bond tokens is 1 billion. The initial supply after public offeringWorld precious metals market is 325 million tokens, and the initial price is $0.03 per token (about US $9.75 million). In order to incubate and deploy experimental, high-yield, smart contract driven financial instruments, bondedfinance will promote the development of open finance. Bond is an algorithmic model designed to allow proponents of qualified Shanzhai coin projects the opportunity to borrow or pool these assets and make a profit.

Part of the revenue of ntoken Oracle system will be transferred into nest revenue pool and included in nest system revenue; 4. Incentive mechanism will be added in ntoken Oracle auction: a part of the difference between the current bidder and the previous bidder will be used to reward the previous bidder. As previously reported by Lianwen, nest was originally planned to launch version 3.0 from June 26 to July 2. The most important function of this update is that nest Oracle will be officially opened to the public and provide external call interface.