In 2011, the gold market was turbulDemo precious metals tradingent, out of the N form of rushing high, falling sharply, and slowly stabilizing. The international gold price surged from US$1,400 per ounce at the beginning of last year to a record high of US$1,920, and then plunged sharply, with a sharp correction to 1,530 US dollars. , And stabilized above $1600 at the end of the year. The trend of the Year of the Golden Rabbit shocked gold market investors. Some people questioned that the ten-year bull market for gold prices is coming to an end, and there is a fear of gold investment. Gold talks about it one after another.

On the last trading day (9th), Apple announced the release of a new generation of Apple mobile phones and other electronic products. Subsequently, the price of Apple's stock soared by 4.68%, driving the US stock market to rise across the board and suppressing the decline of non-US assets such as gold. In late trading, affected by market concerns that the Federal Reserve may start the interest rate hike program earlier, US stocks generally fell rapidly. The three major stock indexes closed at the Yinxian, and Apple's previous gains also vanished. Precious metals have seen a rapid rebound. As of yesterday's close, London Gold was reported at US$1,255.20, a slight decrease of 5 cents, and there was no statistical decrease; spot silver rose 5 cents to close at US$19.05, an increase of 0.26%.

If Venezuela had a certain amount of gold reserves at that time, the government could sell the gold or use it as collateral to lend to international commercial banks to ease the debt crisis. Wang Lixin said that gold is a kind of'life-saving money' under extreme circumstances. This is true for the people and the country.

On July 24, the Federal Reserve stated that in the past week, the total assets held by the Federal Reserve was US$6.964 trillion, a slight increase and nearly double the same period last year. In addition, the European Union has recently reached a consensus on an economic rescue plan to establish a recovery fund totaling 750 billion euros, which is good for the euro and bad for the dollar. Both of these events further pushed up the price of gold.

However, the disadvantages of investing in platinum are also very prominent: firstly, platinum has not been regarded as a general equivalent in history, and its recognition as a safe-haven investment product is relatively low; secondly, platinum is more expensive, with higher investment thresholds, and higher transportation and storage requirements. Cost; third, the current shock wave of the international financial crisis is still continuing, gold as a global reserve asset is still strong, while platinum is more dependent on market demand and industrial demand, and its price risks further deviating from gold; fourth, gold , Silver investment is relatively mature in China, with many channels and wide coverage. However, most investors are not yet familiar with the new thing of platinum investment, and the acceptance remains to be seen.

In addition to account gold, some citizens who invest in physical gold have also begun to consider cashing out. The reporter learned from a gold store in the city yesterday that there are obviously more citizens who come to consult about the gold repurchase business these days. Although some banks in our city have openeDemo precious metals tradingd the physical gold repurchase business, each has different terms and restrictions. Most banks only recognize the gold bars they sell. As for gold products purchased by investors from other banks, shopping malls, gold shops and other channels, banks will not repurchase them. In addition, even the gold bars sold by the Bank have restrictions on the types of repurchase, so it may not be easy for these investors to cash out.

In addition, the current commercial banks have the right to set their own prices for the deposits for the delayed delivery of precious metal products. If the bank pays more attention to controlling customer risks and avoids the sudden rise and fall of silver, which will cause customers to burst their positions, then the bank can choose not to reduce the margin level. It is impossible to reduce investment costs. The analyst said.