There are no founding team reserved, no investment institutions holding shares, and equal opportunities for profit distribution. The token supply is adjusted every 24 hours to maintain the anchor that one based token equals one dollar. Its goal is to deflate and expand through the flexible supply mechanism (rebase) mechanism to maintain the 1-dollar anchor. The difference is that based is based on the stable currency of synthetix, SUSD. Specifically, once the price difference between the ssusd and the based is greater than 5%, a rebase event will be triggered. This means that if the token price difference between based and SUSD is greater than 5%, the supply will increase. Less than 5%, supply shrinks. The based protocol will trigger the rebase function by calling uniswapv2 Oracle to compare the token price difference between based and ssusd. When the rebase function is triggered, the based token supply will be adjusted smoothly over a 10 day buffer period to return to the $1 anchor value. For based token holders, triggering the rebase function may result in a substantial adjustment in the number of based tokens. At least 24 hours after the rebase trigger, if the token price difference between the based and the ssusd has not returned to the target range of 5%, the rebase mechanism will be triggered again. For example, if the price of the based token is 1.20susd on Tuesday night, and the price of the based token changes to 1.15 $s USD after a rebase, the rebase event will trigger again. According to the official website, a total of 100000 BASEDS will be released in two pools ("pool0" and "pool1"). Among them, the first pool "pool0" will issue 25000 BASEDS, and 12500 BASEDS will be issued on the first day (today), which will be halved every 24 hours. Finally, it will be reduced to 195 BASEDS on the seventh day. Liquidity miners need to pledge the curve $susdv2lp token through the base's take application interface. It should be noted that there is a ceiling on the first day of Precious Metals Dental Scrap"pool0", with a maximum deposit of US $12000,

Kira, the fifth phase of difi cross chain project of BIGone digital asset Angel platform, has been opened for flash purchase, with a total amount of 20000 usdt, a price of 0.39 usdt and a personal purchase limit of 100 usdt. Five minutes after online, the project quota has been snapped up. Link note: kiranetwork is the first solution built with tendermint and cosmosdks to protect and power the application of defi through flow property pledge.

Tokenlon team said it had fully restored the contract transfer and transaction functions of imbtc. This uniswapuniswapuniswap is a simple token free exchange protocol,

Hashquarkhashquarkhashquarkhashquark focuses on the new generation of blockchain ore pools in the public chain of POS, dpos and other consensus mechanisms, which is safe, efficient, stable and convenient, and maximizes the mining efficiency. Professional blockchain team deeply studies various consensus mechanisms to maximize mining efficiency; senior operation and maintenance team maintains the smooth operation of the mine pool to meet the level requirements of financial core system. In order to reduce the mining threshold of ordinary users, the hashquark mine pool does not need to provide professional mining machines or have professional technical background. It only needs to deposit the corresponding digital currency to start mining. Mining income will be settled daily according to the amount of money deposited by users, and it can be received the next day. It supports the withdrawal of principal and income at any time. In the introduction of each currency in the pool, users can view the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual expected gains for that currency, and can also use the gain calculator to calculate revenue. Hashquark check out more of its projects polkacube announced its support from the Web3 foundation. As one of the first projects launched by hashquark laboratory, polkacube focuses on Polkadot ecological construction, aiming to create a better stacking experience for verifiers and nominees. Polkacube has been included in Kusama Kusama Kusama test network. Its logo is Canary network, which means that birds flying to explore the way before Polkadot goes online, so as to ensure that the main network goes online smoothly. It is different from that of polkat. However, it will not exist in the network for a long time.

Anonymous developers announced that the online revenue aggregator benchmark will be launched soon, which can isolate the income from the assets that generate the income, so that token holders can sell their usufruct in a fixed period of time, so as to lock in profits and obtain funds in time. The purchasers of usufruct do not have to buy and mortgage the underlying assets, nor worry about the risks of mortgage and liquidation. This will allow price discovery in the interest rate market, that is, lenders and liquidity providers can lock interest rates when interest rates are high, and borrowers can hedge interest rates when interest rates are low. In addition, benchmark will be carried out completely on the chain,

Twitter users found evidence that the name of Zeus capital, which released chainlink's "short report" a few days ago, might be NEXO, a central lending company. According to the source code of the websites of Zeus capital and NEXO, they both use the same form system and have the same prefix as In addition, users found that the name Simeon appeared in the hyperlinks in the report, which may represent the research director of NEXO, Simeon Rusanov. In addition, NEXO lent 350000 links on AAVE platform a few days ago, which may aPrecious Metals Dental Scraplso be used to short on behalf of the institution. More interestingly, at the beginning of this month,

Intelligent mobile mining polymerizer APY.Finance (apy) will open liquidity mining at 8:00 p.m. on October 1 (8:00 a.m. on October 2), early supporters will be able to deposit stable coins (Dai, usdc, usdt) into deployed APY.Finance The apy governance token (IOU) is obtained from the liquidity contract. APY.Finance The governance token for has not yet been released until after tge (token generation). The apt token address will be updated at deployment time. The total amount allocated by liquidity mining to the public accounted for 31.2% (31200000 tokens) of the token supply. Through six-month linear release, apy allocated 900000 tokens for liquidity mining in the first month.