Bancor (BNT) proposes a v2.1 update, whPrice per gram of precious metalsich will provide arbitrage loss protection and unilateral exposure to AMM pools through flexible BNT supply. first,

It aims to achieve highly efficient stable currency transactions and provide low-risk supplementary fee income for liquidity providers without opportunity cost. Curve allows users to trade between Dai and usdc with low delay and low cost algorithm specially designed for stable currency. In the back office, the liquidity pool is provided to the compound agreement to generate revenue for the liquidity provider. Curvecurvecrvcurvedaocurve view more governance proposals for creating dtoken flow pools on. Fi, hoping to Curve.Fi Create a stable currency swap liquidity pool of dusdx / dusdc / ddai / dusdt on the. Dforce official appeal to friends from all walks of life to support, please hold CRV friends to participate in governance voting.

The only high-speed, trading platform where traders can safely execute orders of any size directly from their private wallet. As diversifi can gradually compete with the existing centralized trading platform, the team is closing down And begin to make a complete transition. Ethfinex, launched in 2017, is community led, focusing on the development of distributed technologies, as well as a platform for stimulating learning, trading, and analyzing the most innovative projects in the blockchain. In the past two years, the team has been trying to meet the needs of professional traders without affecting speed, security, etc. Among them, they supplement the framework needed to run in a fully distributed ecosystem. Through special Dao and improved nectar (NEC) token economic framework, participants can jointly contribute to the direction of the platform and better serve the defi community. The foundation for this development is ethlinex trust, which has been iterated several times since its launch, with a new design, user interface and wallet integration, as well as many innovative passes, including wbtc, Dai, and over-the-counter trading capabilities of. Now, the team plans to continue this mission with the new diversifi, take it to a new level, and build the infrastructure to facilitate the transition to a more open, financial world. Combining defi with diversifiy, ethfinextrustless is upgraded to diversifi. Necdeversi finecdao to see more issued credit entrusted loans. The credit delegation (CD) service allows AAVE depositors to entrust their credit lines, allowing users to borrow without collateral. For example, the depositor deposits assets such as usdt in AAVE and entrusts its credit line to another party (the borrower). The borrower can withdraw funds such as eth from AAVE protocol without collateral. The parties must sign a formal legal agreement that sets out terms such as repayment schedule, interest and other necessary conditions, which will be done by openlaw (the project behind the Lao). Besides,

Stable currency aggregation protocol mstablemstablemstable is a scalable and risk minimization stable asset platform. Its layer1 is a stable currency ecosystem. Stable currency needs to weigh dispersion, stability and scalability. Generally speaking, stable currency is a strong and fast-growing vertical industry with excellent liquidity and innovation. Its layer2 shows its stable collective strength by 1:1 binding the stable currency through the asset type of stable currency. Mstable assets aggregate the liquidity of the existing stable currency, while dispersing the risk of end users. Mausd and mgold are its initial assets. Its layer3 is designed to build a robust system. System token meta provides a layer of security protection in addition to asset diversification, and embeds the incentive measures required by management security and system. Its standard systematizes the layer2 ecosystem to create a truly scalable and powerful stable currency. Msddmstablemtamusdmusdmusdview more (MTA) announced that it will provide liquidity and sense market price to balancer balancer unmanaged portfolio management in the next 11 days. It turns the concept of index funds into reality. Traders rebalance your portfolio by following arbitrage opportunities. Balancer balancerbal check out the three fund flow pools (USD / usdc, MUSD / weth, and MUSD / MTA) on more. 325000 MTAS (worth about $1.1 million) were distributed to users who provided liquidity. After August, mstable will reset and automatically execute the project open reward pool rules. This means that random snapshots are no longer needed after that, and rewards are automatically assigned to users. In addition, mstable will launch in the next few weeks the product ear, which can view all the relevant reward pools and their reward amounts. Lianwen previously reported,

Pantera's Co cioamir bandeali has a developer community of tens of thousands of people. There are more than 20 trading platforms that use the X protocol and apply it to 10 + dapps, including markerdai, request, August, etc. 0xzrx0x see more. Previously, NASDAQ cooperated with bravenewcoin, a New Zealand blockchain data and research company, to provide BTC, ETH, XRP cryptocurrency indexes.

Kava labs, a cross chain payment Price per gram of precious metalstechnology provider, announced that it would release the test network on Sunday, planning to generate the Chuangshi block around 2:00 a.m. Kavlabs has released validation guidelines to the verification nodes and plans to open the validation on Monday. Kavalabs develops cross chain technology to achieve interoperability among blockchains, wallets and exchanges, enabling instant cross chain payments. Kava blockchain is a cross chain difi platform based on Cosmos and developed by kavalabs. Kavalabs announced in March this year that it had completed a $1.2 million financing, led by lemniscap and digital asset capital management, and participated by ripple's xpring, coil technologies, 2020 ventures, Arrington capital, hardyaka, robotventures and univalues associates. #DeFiwithChainNews#

The test network breaks through 100 nodes. Bifrost is a cross chain network that provides liquidity for collateral. At present, it has obtained $600000 seed round investment from NGC, SNZ and other institutions. Before that, it has obtained grant from Web3 foundation, and is also a member of web3bootcamp and substratebuilders program.

Defi aggregator and asset management platform Bella protocol announced the completion of multi million dollar financing led by Arrington xrpc capital,